The story of York Entertainment: Fighting for Independent Film
Over 20 years ago, Tanya York created York Entertainment with one mission in mind: To develop a successful business
model that would create massive global sales specifically for Independent Films.  That mission holds true today and York
Entertainment has continued, year after year, to create new avenues of financial success for Independent Films that
might otherwise do poorly.  Since 1990 York Entertainment has been the premiere independent supplier of Feature Film,
Television and New Media content for the International and domestic home entertainment marketplace.  Tanya and York
Entertainment have an established track record and proven model for making money for independent films.

With a catalog of over 300 features, York has one of the largest independent film libraries new films each year.  York’s
films are distributed in the traditional DVD format, as well as through new media digital formats and streaming.  With the
ultimate goal of providing escapism and the best possible entertainment experience for movie lovers from all walks of
life, York is a leader in anticipating the trends and fads that drive the demand of an ever-changing market.  York’s
enormous library of Action, Urban, Horror, Drama, Comedy and Thriller films provides the diversity and selection
necessary to continue to satisfy today’s market demands and to power the digital video revolution for years to come!  
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, York Entertainment holds numerous satellite offices throughout the world and
attends all the premiere International film markets, including Cannes and AFM.

Email:  Ph: (310) 684-3628 Fax: (818) 647-6677
York Entertainment 13101 Washington Blvd. Ste 424
Los Angeles, CA 90066 United States
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